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Hurricane Katrina

Course Description:


NATS 183 is mainly for students preparing for a multiple subject credential. Material covered includes the basic concepts of Earth Science with reference to California science standards. Emphasis will be placed on demonstrations and activities pertaining to understanding principles. Lecture is online, activity 2 hours each week.


Textbook and Online Resources:


GEOS (custom edition for CSULA), Lutgens and Tarbuck, Pearson Learning Solutions, 2010 or Foundations of Earth Science, Lutgens and Tarbuck, 5th or 6th eds. 


The textbook contains an accompanying web site containing review questions, web links and other resources. We will use some of these resources for some of your assignments. The web site is at: .


There is also a required lab manual you can purchase at the off-campus 1725 N. Eastern Ave. bookstore, Student Book Mart; phone: 323-262-5511.


Internet access is required since much of the course content will be posted online. The course website is at:


o    WEEK2 Assignment.

o    Go to Pearson resources website above (mygeoscienceplace) and take self-testing quizzes (multiple choice, true/false, identification) for Chapters 2 (minerals) and 3 (rocks) after you read the chapters. Email me the results of your first attempt (doesn't count) and your last attempt (try to get 100% correct) for each.


WEEK 3-Monday is a holiday, no lab.  You can work at home and bring completed work next week. Lab 3 is in the lab manual. Answer all questions on pages 13-18. Email me if you have questions.


Week 5 Lab: Virtual Earthquake, p. 33 in lab manual is an online activity. Please do the lab at home and hand in the Certificate upon completion. See link near bottom of webpage.

Week 6 Lab: Hawaiian Islands/ Plate Tectonics

Week 7 Lab: Coastal Erosion/ Sea Level Rise

Week 8 Lab: Relative Dating: Who’s on First? P. 34 in the lab manual.

Week 9 Lab: How Level is Sea Level? P. 37, 38 in the lab manual.

Week 10 Lab: Write a 2-page critique of an ESSEA educational module.

Guidelines for your report-         click here. This lab will count twice as much as others.

Email me the results of self-tests True/False, Mult. Choice, and Identification questions Ch. 5-11 before the final.

   Course     syllabus-winter2014

       Mid-term #1:   Mon  Feb. 3rd        Study Guide (Ch. 1-4)

             Also review questions from the Prentice-Hall website.

                       Final Exam:  Mon., Mar. 17th  7:30 pm  You may bring a 5x7”  (or 2 3x5”) notecard.

                        Finals Study Guide(Ch. 8-11), Study Guide (Ch 5-7) Also review questions from the Prentice-Hall website.


                Powerpoint Notes:



                    Rocks, weathering     Rocks     Weathering

                    Mass Wasting, slides

                           Streams               animations

                           Glaciers     animations      Polar bear              


                       Plate Tectonics       more Plate Tectonics

                     animations           more animations   

                        Earthquakes    animations      animations

                     Volcanoes              Volcanoes    animations     animations

                        Geological Time    animations

                      Ocean-I        Ocean-II      Sea level changes

                     Atmosphere-I       Atmosphere-II            What Causes the Seasons?

                           Hurricane Katrina SST

                        More Animations

           Course Internet Activities:

              Virtual Earthquake

                Air-sea Interactions

            Other Resources:

            Natural Hazards website (Oxford Univ. Press)  Natural Hazards

           Our Changing Planet (videos)

          Weather Info & Satellite Animations

           The Journal


            Recent CA Earthquakes   

            ESSEA-Earth System Science Modules      

          NASA Climate Page        NOAA Climate Page  

         Earth Science Literacy Principles


              ESSEA-Earth System Science Modules 

            Recent Earthquakes

                        ESSEA          Recent Earthquakes