A  Message from the New President

January 11, 2011

Dear CHUS Members ,


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great holiday season and start a new semester with a fresh spirit. This is Xiaoping Cong, the new president of the CHUS association. Please allow me to introduce myself and the new boarder members. They are Dr. Xiaoping Cong (from University of Houston), the president, Dr. Cheng Yinghong (from Delaware State University), the secretary, Dr. Li Danke (from Fairfield University), the organizational coordinator, and Dr. Lian Xi (from Hanover College), the newsletter editor. I am also delighted to announce that Dr. Wang Shuo (from California State University), the former treasurer of our association, will continue to service the same duty for one more term.


The success of the CHUS in the past decades has been built on the support of all members and the excellent service of the previous board members and the former presidents of our association, from Gao Wangling, the initiator and first president of the CHUS, to the most recent presidents Yao Ping and Patrick Shan. Meanwhile, the development of our association also depends on the achievements of each member who works as the individual scholar in his/her own field. Their achievements contribute to the emerging influence and steady expansion of our association in the US academic community. The goal of our association is to provide a strong academic network and offer more opportunities for the success of all members in both research and teaching. I believe that it is the duty of the new board to continue this tradition and to serve our members, making the CHUS a vibrant academic community. With the support of all members of our association, the new board will do our best in the next two years to continue the legacy of our association and make some new progress.


In order to make the CHUS a better scholarly community and to promote our members, I hope to hear from you regarding improvement of our association. I and the boarder members appreciate any idea and suggestion you could offer to help us for this purpose. Please feel free to contact us any time. The following are the email addresses of all boarder members:


Dr. Xiaoping Cong (University of Houston), xcong@uh.edu Dr. Cheng Yinghong (Delaware State University), DLi@fairfield.edu Dr. Li Danke (Fairfield University), lian@hanover.edu Dr. Lian Xi (Hanover College), ycheng@desu.edu Dr. Wang Shuo (California State University), swang@csustan.edu


Wish the coming year a prosperous and productive one for all of you!


Sincerely ,


Xiaoping Cong

President ,



Xiaoping Cong, Ph. D.

Associate Professor

Department of History

University of Houston

Houston, TX 77204

(713) 743-3096 (Office)