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Our goal is to offer a comprehensive research and learning experience for participating students interested in pursuing a career in Bioinformatics.


The Bioinformatics Summer Institute Program provides an opportunity for exceptionally talented students to participate in an extensive education program consisting of courses bridging molecular life sciences and computer sciences to achieve a common goal.

Students will attend courses taught by core faculty from California State University, Los Angeles, have a unique opportunity to work with leading scientists and subsequently apply their knowledge towards a mentored state-of-the-art research project of their choice.

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Dear Bioinformatics Community,

As of Fall 2009, the SoCalBSI Program is closed. We appreciate the PIs, CSULA faculty, Pasadena City College faculty, Research Mentors, students, guest speakers, and program coordinators who made the Program such a success over the past 7 summers. We will keep this website open as a resource for other summer science programs as long as we can. If we obtain funding to restart SoCalBSI, we will use this website as a portal to advertise and communicate to our bioinformatics colleagues. Inquires through this website may not be answered.

Jamil Momand, Ph.D
Director of SoCalBSI


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