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Hengchun Ye

College of Natural and Social Sciences

Geography & Urban Analysis, Department of

Hengchun Ye

Full-time Faculty

Phone: (323) 343-2229
FAX: (323) 34

Office Hours
Monday 1:30-4:10PM 
Wednesday 1:30-4:10PM 


Dr. Ye started teaching at CSULA since 2001. She had taught Emporia State University and University of Idaho before her tenure in CSULA. Dr. Ye won President's Outstanding Faculty Award in 2012 and Russell J Mather's Paper of the Year award in 2010. She has published 41 peer-reviewed publications in major national and international journals in the area of climatology and hydroclimatology and more than a dozen of articles in conference proceedings and other sources. Dr. Ye has won several research awards from NSF, NOAA, and Geological Survey.



Dr. Ye teaches Geog160 physical geography, Geog170/171 Meteorology, ES101 Earth Science for Elementary Teachers, Geog309 Urban Environmental Pollution, Geog310 Urban Climatology, Geog403 Environmenta and Food Customs, Geog410 Applied Climatollgy, Gfeog415 Perspectives on Environment, and seminar courses in various topics including Global Climate Change, Research Methods in Physical Geography, Impacts of Climate Change, Climate Change and Human Health.



Dr. Ye's research has been on climate change and variability. Her research mostly has focused on the characteristics of precipitation, snow, river discharges, atmospheric water vapor and their teleconnections with sea surface temperatures and atmospheric water vapor and atmospheric circulation patterns. Her geographical areas of interests have covered high latitude land areas including Northern Eurasia, Arctic, Antarctic, and extra-tropical areas. Dr. Ye has collaborations with experts in atmospheric science and hydrology from University of Alaska, University of Massachusetts, Rutgers University, University of Toronto, University of Miami, University of Oklahoma, University of Idaho, National Snow and Ice Data Center, Environmental Canada, Atmospheric and Environmental Research, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory.



Publication Title Publication Date
Atmospheric moisture content associated with surface air temperatures over northern Eurasia. International Journal of Climatology, DOI 10.1002/JOC 1991.(2009)
The influence of air temperature and atmospheric circulation on winter fog frequency over northern Eurasia. International Journal of Climatology, 29: 729-734. DOI: 10.1002/joc, 1741. (2009)
Divergence in seasonal hydrology over northern Eurasia: emerging trends and water cycle linkages. Journal of Geophysical Research,114,D18119. doi:10.1029/2009KD011747,2009.
Changes in frequency of precipitation types associated with surface air temperature over northern Eurasia during 1936-1990. Journal of Climate, 21, 5807-5819. (2008)
Winter rain-on-snow and its association with air temperatures over northern Eurasia. Hydrological Processes, 2, 2728-2736. (2008)



Ph.D Climatolology 1995

  • University of Delaware
    Newark, DE

MS Atmospheric Science 1985

  • Zhejiang University
    Hangzhou, China

BS Meteorology 1981

  • Zhejiang University
    Hangzhou, China


Course Course Title Day & Time Quarter Room
Geog403-01 Environment and Food Customs M 6:10 - 10:00 PM Spring 2013 KH-D4057
Geog415-1 Perspectives on Environment W 6:10 - 10:00 PM Spring 2013 KH-D4057
HNRS330-1 Global Climate Change MW 4:10 - 6:00 PM Spring 2013