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KIN 320D: Course Assignments

KIN 320D textbook:
Mood, D., Musker, F. F., & Rink, J. E. (2003). Sports and recreational activities (13th ed.). Boston, MA: WCB McGraw-Hill. (ISBN#: 0-07-247503-X) (1999, 12th ed. of this text is OK)

History of Tennis

Prepare a one page handout of the "History of Tennis." Your handout's content should address a specifc age group of students engaged in an Instructional Tennis Unit (middle school or high school students).

Getting Ready

Develop short, one- to two-page student handouts addressing the physical (fitness), organizational (equipment and attire), cognitive (rules and strategies), and emotional (motivation, focus...) preparation for the game of tennis.

Fundamental Tennis Skills

Search the related literature (e.g., Cal State LA library) or develop your own appropriate lead-up games for your instructional unit.

The Rules of Tennis

Develop your own abbreviated version of the rules of tennis (2 pages max). Make sure to include all essential information to get started.

KIN 320D: Handouts

Observe 3-5 beginner tennis players (preferably individuals that are true neophites) and describe their tennis experience. Does the observeds group of beginners display common characteristics? What seems to be the hardest beginning tennis skill to "get a grip" of? Which beginning tennis skills seem easiest to learn? Can a tennis teacher derive any conclusions regarding her/his teaching from these observations? Provide specific examples.

Tennis Skills Assessment

Discuss the role of skills assessment in the curriculum and the learning process. How do factors, such as, test validity, the reliability of a testing procedure, and subjective and objective rating scales affect the results of a skills test?

Teacher Resource Manual

Last but not least, students are required to create a teacher resource manual that focuses on any one of the presented racquet sport activities (tennis, badminton, racquetball). The teacher resource manual must contain (but is not limited to) the following components:

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • A brief description and history of the sport
  • Summary of game rules, regulations, and etiquette
  • Outline of fundamental skills progressions
  • Fundamentals of game strategies
  • Effective organizational and instructional strategies
  • Game related terminology
  • References (APA style)
  • Any additional topics or ideas that enhance and expand the above list

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