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Prerequisites: KIN 503 or consent of instructor; undergraduate major in Kinesiology or related discipline (Must be completed within first 12 units of the student's approved graduate program.).

Students enrolled in KIN 504 -- Research Design in Human Performance (section 01) are required to read the materials and follow the instuctions found in the KIN 504 related web pages (see links below and to the left).

KIN 504 students are introduced to a discussion of analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of research studies and investigations in kinesiology.

Your course syllabus, course reading assignments, lecture notes, and study questions are posted on-line. Please visit these pages regularly for updates, and do not hesitate to contact your instructor via e-mail in case you have any questions or comments.

I am looking forward to another productive, engaging, and joyful session with our returning and new Kinesiology Majors.

Feel free to stop by my office (PE 230) to introduce yourself or I'll C U in class, lab, or at the Cal State LA walkways.

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