- Cloister of the Monastery of Santiago Tlatelolco

Note: K12
Object Name: Cloister of the Monastery of Santiago Tlatelolco
Creation Date:
Culture: Colonial Mexican
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Image source: © Dr. Manuel Aguilar
Here was located the first school of higher education for Indians, the school of Santa Cruz of Tlatelolco.

Between 1535 and 1545 a modest church and a monastery were built. It is said that the first church was decorated with a giant mural depicting Cortes being saved by Santiago on his white horse, but nothing remains of that painting (Perry 1992). In 1610, Fray Juan de Torquemada constructed a magnificent new church with a purists Renaissance facade. In its interior was built a beautiful great altarpiece that featured paintings by Baltasar de Echave Orio and a central relief of Santiago carved in wood by Indian artisans.

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