- Aztec feathered fan (Splador de la corte Azteca)

Object Name: Aztec feathered fan (Splador de la corte Azteca)
Creation Date: 1325-1521 A. D.
Culture: Aztec, Post-Classic
Repository: Museo de Ethnologia Neu Hofburg, Vienna, Austria
Image source:
The fan was also found at Ambras Castle; it is a delicate bamboo construction with a central design of a butterfly and on the other side a flower; the iconography is similar to that of the stone sculpture having a bee on one side and a squash blossom on the other. A V-shaped design in a rainbow of colors rings the central motif and the fan is bordered with blue cotinga feathers. The mantle, formerly in Brussels and now in the National Museum of History at Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City, is very poorly preserved. The ornament is of red feathers on net backing, with a border of red, black, and blue feathers.

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