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Welcome to my web page at California State University, Los Angeles. At this site you will find information about me, my research program, the classes I teach, and my other interests. I am currently particpating in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP). I will teach one course per term during the 2012-2013 academic year I was hired as an Assistant Professor of Biology at California State University, Los Angeles in 1979. I was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in 1984 and to the rank of Professor in 1988. In 1982 I founded the University General Education Honors Program and directed that program until 1988 when I assumed the duties of Chairperson in the Department of Biology. I currently hold the position of Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research. I am not involved in teaching activities but I still do mentor graduate students in research projects. Over my career I have published numerous articles in scientific journals on the general topics of temperature regulation and the ecology of mammals. Many of my published articles are co-authored by Cal State LA undergraduate and graduate students. I received the Cal State LA Outstanding Professor Award in 1988 for my contributions to teaching, scholarship, and service.



I have taught courses in introductory biology, mammalogy, physiological ecology, and toxicology.



My past research projects focused mainly on aspects of temperature regulation during the fever response and involved work with ground squirrels and lizards. These research projects were funded by the National Institutes of Health. My current research projects involve the geographic distribution and ecology of the introduced eastern fox squirrel and the native western gray squirrel. The fox squirrel seems to replace the gray squirrel in certain areas while the two species coexist for an extended period of time in some habitats. My goal is to determine factors that allow the two species to co-exist and to determine how habitats can be managed to benefit the native western gray squirrel.

Fox Squirrel Research Page


Baseball History Interests

A research area outside of biology that has interested me for a number of years is the history of baseball players and teams from the 1920s and 30s.  I have focused my interests to players and teams that played semi-professional baseball in Minnesota and surrounding states.  Information on Swede Risberg, John Donaldson, and the Pipestone Black Sox can be accessed through the link shown below.

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Publication Title

Publication Date
Muchlinski, A. E., B.C. Baldwin and R. Gramajo. 2000. Endotoxin elicits a febrile response in laboratory-maintained but not free-living California ground squirrels. Journal of Mammalogy, 81:701-708.   2000 
Lee, B. Y., D. A. Padick and A. E. Muchlinski. 2000. Season influences the magnitude of stress fever in the California ground squirrel. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. Part A. 125:325-330.   2000 
Muchlinski, A. E., R. Gramajo and C. Garcia. 1999. Pre-existing bacterial infections, not stress fever, influenced previous studies which labeled Gerrhosaurus major an afebrile lizard species. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. Part A. 124:353-357.  1999 
Muchlinski, A. E. and B. Baldwin. 1998. California ground squirrel body temperature regulation patterns measured in the laboratory and in the natural environment. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. Part A. 120:365-372.   1998 
Muchlinski, A. E., A. Estany, H. S. SaIguero, G. J. Tan, P. Dea and D. L. Fisher. 1998. The acute phase response in the Sudan plated lizard, Gerrhosaurus major. Comp, Biochem. Physiol. Part A. 120:330-344.   1998 



Ph.D. Zoology 1979
 Michigan State University
 East Lansing, MI

B.A. Biology 1975
 St. John's University
 Collegeville, MN



Biology 100C  Introductory Biology III  TR 9:50 - 11:05 AM Summer 2005  



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